Fantasy Sports Analysis
Just For You.

Ziguana was co-founded in 2006 by four college students with far too many years of fantasy experience under their belts. Oh, having statistics and computer science majors helped as well. Here's some literature about what we envisioned creating back then and still poor our sweat into today.

Data is a beautiful thing.

Number crunching is what we love most about fantasy sports, but we got tired of gigantic excel spreadsheets and player tables. There's so much joy and passion that goes into winning a league, the tools you use should add to that feeling, not create anxiety. We're striving for the most user friendly apps in the industry because data should be an asset.

The probable is what usually happens.

Nothing is certain in sports, that's what makes fantasy so enjoyable nerve-racking. We believe that understanding chance is the key to success - no one can tell you whether adding a free agent will guarantee you win your matchup, but we can tell you it will increase your chances 20%. It is this insight that powers your day-to-day decisions and it's our hope to bring that same clarity to fantasy.

Start winning today.