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Help and FAQ > Using zRanks:

How do I use zRanks?

Follow the simple steps below to generate your desired zRanks:

1. Select your sport of interest.
2. Select the categories that you wish to analyze.
Most members select the categories that their specific league uses for scoring. However, feel free to choose categories based on your team's specific needs (see articles: "Fun with zRanks")
3. Click "go"
4. Walla! Players are automatically sorted from best to worst, but feel free to click on any category header to sort.
5. Play around with the splits box on the right to change the time span, filter by free agents (specific to your league), view yahoo's rankings, projections, and more! [top]

What are zRanks?

When fantasy sports first started, most leagues used a scoring system that assigned "fantasy points" to each statistic. For example, every rebound was worth 2 points. In this way, it was easy to calculate a player's value by adding up their "fantasy points." Most leagues no longer use this system.

Today, the majority of leagues use rotisserie or head-to-head scoring. This means that points or wins are assigned by getting more of a statistic than your opponent. In this system, each statistic is essentially as valuable as the next. For example, winning or leading your league in rebounds is just as valuable as winning or leading your league in steals. Evaluating a player's worth is much more difficult in today's system (one reason why most leagues made the switch).

zRanks is ziguana's unique way of calculating a player's value for today's fantasy world. Fortunately, you don't have to know how to compute zRanks in order to understand them. Reading zRanks is as easy as remembering these three things:

1. The more positive a score, the better a player is
2. The more negative a score, the worse a player is
3. The zTotal evaluates the player based on all of the selected categories at once [top]